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Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit


7th FLoor, CMC V Bldg.

Tel No.: 372-3825 to 44

Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit

AOTU1In line with Capitol Medical Center’s commitment to provide total quality health care, the CMC AMBULATORY ONCOLOGY TREATMENT UNIT was established to provide a dedicated facility whereby stable cancer patients can receive chemotherapy, biological therapy, or supportive treatment in a restful, comfortable and controlled environment.

In this unit, they can be assured of HIGH-QUALITY ONCOLOGIC CARE from an appropriately trained and qualified medical nursing staff.

         Services provided at the CMC Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit (AOTU)   

          • Standard chemotherapy or supportive therapy lasting from a few minutes to 6 hours.

          • Targeted / Biologic Therapy lasting from a few minutes to 6 hours.

   •  Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of supportive oncologic drugs and hormonal therapies such as bisphosphonates, colony stimulating factors and hormonal depot formulations.